About Us

Hello Beau-TEA-ful ~ I’m Linda Barnett, Owner and Founder of The Travelling TeaRoom and Boutique.  I describe myself as an all-time lover of Tea and tea things; vintage Bone China fanatic; having a passion for fashion, fabulous jewellery and accessories, and a enterprising entrepreneur.

After retiring from my career in the financial industry of more than 30 years, my entrepreneurial spirit stirred with the concept of creating a business of delivering a luxurious afternoon tea experience with vintage styling in people’s home and office for any occasion, whilst the hostess is a guest in her own home.  Along with this dream of providing an exceptional experience, I created a boutique where my private label organic teas and tea collections could be offered, along with select tea-themed items.

My first big break came when I was selected by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington to prepare afternoon teas for some of their public programs.  It became a success story with many people returning for second and third visits to the many sold out events.  At the same time, I was hosting individual tea parties whilst expanding my product line to include Travelling TeaRoom Note Card Stationary, publishing a Cookbook “Sophisticated Entertaining for High Teas and Other Scrumptious Meals”, designing Loungewear, and launching the Seven Chakra-Yoga and Zodiac Tea Collections.

My passion for beautiful things leads me to develop and launch the Linda Barnett Collection which includes fabulous jewellery and accessories for Women.

I’m thrilled that you share my passion for beautiful things.  I hope you enjoy my collection and that a piece from my Boutique becomes a part of your world.   Every piece of jewellery and accessories I carry at the Boutique has been handpicked by me.  I offer only the finest quality teas and gifts because I want only the best for you.


Linda  xoxo