A Bouquet of Flowers Tea Gift Box


πŸŽ‰Introducing our exquisite Bouquet of Flowers Tea Gift Box! 🌸✨
🌹This beautifully crafted collection features three 2-ounce tins of the finest teas, each offering a delightful journey for your senses. With each tin yielding up to 20 cups, the possibilities for enjoyment are abundant, depending on your desired strength.
πŸ’Presented in a magnetic pewter box adorned with a charming bow, this gift is perfect for any tea lover. Inside, you’ll find an insert card that showcases stunning pictures of the teas, along with detailed descriptions and brewing instructions. It’s a true feast for the eyes and palate!
πŸ’Indulge in the fragrant allure of Lavender Fields, where soothing lavender blossoms dance with subtle hints of herbs. Discover the enchanting Rose Garden, a blend that captures the essence of blooming roses, creating a truly romantic and elegant cup. Finally, immerse yourself in the delicate and refreshing flavors of Peach Blossom, evoking the blissful essence of ripe peaches in a spring garden.
πŸ’This Bouquet of Flowers Tea Gift Box is a thoughtful and memorable present for any occasion. With its impeccable presentation and the exquisite flavors of each tea, it’s sure to bring joy and serenity to the tea lover in your life.