Bone China 3-piece Tea Mug – Poppies


Enjoy tea in the garden with this charming Poppies 3-piece tea mug.  Transform every cup of tea into a ritual of elegance with our uniquely styled 3-piece Bone China Tea Mugs.  Exceptional quality, form and function with an appreciation of good design and great artistry, these useful modernist Bone China Mugs turn every sip of tea into a taste of poetry.  15oz. Made of fine Bone China, durable, dishwasher safe, microwave safe.  They are lightweight and easy to clean, which makes them suitable for everyday use.  The infuser basket ensures a perfectly steeped tea every time and you can use the lid as a coaster.    Why does tea taste better out of Bone China?  Due to the lightweight and thinness of Bone China, the rim of the mug is slim which allows the tea to glide gently onto your tongue and giving your tea maximum exposure over your taste buds.  And that is why tea taste better drinking out of Bone China!

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