Ruby Slipper


Ruby Slipper 👠   Introducing the Ruby Slipper Necklace! This exquisite piece is an absolute stunner, measuring 14″ in length with a 3″ extension for a customizable fit. The accompanying earrings, measuring 1″ each, perfectly complement the necklace.
The Ruby Slipper Necklace is a floral statement piece, intricately crafted with hematite and red accents. Its captivating design is bound to leave you in awe. The combination of hematite and red creates a stunning contrast, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble.
This gorgeous necklace set is perfect for special occasions, formal events, or even as a bold statement piece for everyday wear. Embrace the beauty and grace of the Ruby Slipper Necklace, and let its radiant charm light up your look.

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